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High Folate, High Iron Beef Meatball Soup

With two active children between 4 and 7, I like to keep my meals high folate to promote growth and high iron to sustain their energy level. 


Minced beef, 500 g

Eggs, 3

Paprika, garlic powder, sea salt, celery powder, black pepper

Yellow split peas, 120 g

Green split peas, 120 g

Hulled barley, 120 g

Carrots, 2 medium, diced

Russet potato, 2 large, diced

Onion, diced


Mixed ingredients 1-3 together. 

Boil 3 litre of water with ingredients 4-9.

Shape mixed beef (from step 1) into ball and drop into boiling water. 

Boil at medium heat for at least 30 mins. The hulled barley takes at least 30 mins to soften. 

Serve with pasta or on its own. 

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