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Hi, I'm Daisy.

Daisy Ng is a mother of 3 extraordinary kids and a passionate educator.


Daisy is the Chief Education Officer of Plan TNG (The Next Generation) education group, which includes Trinity Kids Malaysia. 


In the quest of optimising her children's potential, she establishes schools (physical and digital) and writes programs to change the way a child learns. She founded Trinity Kids Malaysia which has won over 70 educational awards to date, conducted many education, child development & parenting workshops and consultations to date.


Her specific research interest are multilingualism and creativity. Daisy has written proven educational programs and services which have successfully prepared the students from Trinity Kids to all streams of primary schools. She has authored two books on child development and pens a regular column for a parenting magazine.

Daisy graduates from University College London with a degree in Economics and have furthered her postgraduate work in Early Childhood Education, Applied Neuroscience from Kings College London. She is also Malaysia's pioneer Dr Sears Health Coach in family and pre-natal nutrition.

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