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Right From The Start

Practical Parenting Essentials 

Children from birth to 6 years old

Every parent wants their child to be in the pink of health. Not all children grow up healthy though.


The harsh reality is that some parents are not familiar with what it takes to foster optimum health of their children.


What do you feed your toddler? What about your pre-schooler? How do you deal with picky eaters? What is family nutrition all about? How do you supplement your diet?


These are kinds of questions many people ask but don't know where to find the answers to. Well, they are all here in this single volume, which covers these topics and more.


It is quite simply the most comprehensive and holistic local guide book for parents who want to optimize the health and development of their young children.


There is no better time to cultivate a wholesome approach towards nutrition than right now. Get it right from the start.


Right From The Mind

Priming your Child's Mind Today for Tomorrow's World

Guide to Raising Extraordinary Children for parents with children under 12 years old

As parents, constructing our children's minds is our most important duty.

Hot on the heels of her first child development book, Right From The Start, Daisy Ng, a mother of three and the chief education officer at Trinity Kids Malaysia, follows up with a comprehensive and practical parenting guide covering brain development to mind development through the unique lens of both a parent and an educator.

Highly recommended and critically reviewed by parents, CEOs and parenting experts, Right From The Mind provides a researched-backed manual for parents today to raise a child who:

- builds a close and trusting bond with parents and people around him or her;

- thrives in any schooling system or life circumstances;

- has higher intelligence and learning ability

- is open and stable emotionally and socially;

- is tapped into his or her inner potential and possesses the skill to thrive in the future

Right From The Mind
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