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Japanese Satsuma-imo & Sashimi salad

This is a Japanese inspired salad utilising many super food ingredients. 

The Japanese satsuma-imo has a purple skin and orange flesh that is incredibly sweet. It's rich in nutrients like the other sweet potato variants except the satsumaimo offers higher antioxidants. 

A flavourful salad that 


Japanese satsuma-imo, 3 small 

Spinach, 100 gram

Broccoli Sprouts, 75 gram

Avocado, 1 chopped

Salmon sashimi

Tuna sashimi

Garlic extra virgin olive oil, 3 tablespoon

Sea salt, to taste 

Aori seaweed flakes


Wash and pat dry the sweet potatoes. Air-fry at 180 degree celsius for 15 minutes. 

Assemble and toss the spinach, broccoli sprouts and avocado in a bowl with the seasoning. 

Serve fresh

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