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Teaching Children To Say Goodbye

On Saying Goodbye In Preschool

Making friends is part and parcel of starting preschool.

It never fails to amaze me how little children find a way to connect and communicate even when there isn't a common language. It amazes me further how fast a child can pick up a new language. Did we forget this as we grow up?

All good things come to an end. Living in an international community with mobile family may mean a friend moving away and having to say goodbye as early as preschool years.

Saying goodbye is part and parcel of life.

It is important to acknowledge that our little children will feel a sense of loss and to help them understand the situation. A child needs closure, just like adults do.

I prefer the truth (oh little M is moving away to country X. It's a cold place faraway from Malaysia. How many of you have been to country X?) and offering a possible response. My default perspective is always a positive one and that is, 'Children, our earth is round. A and you have to say goodbye and walk in different directions for now. But as the earth is round, if you keep walking, you will meet again. So goodbye may not be forever.'

And with that, goodbye little M and your sweet, patient mommy. Till we meet again.

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