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Parenting today is more confusing than ever.

This could be a result of a generation of young Asian parents who grow up who have received Western influence through education (or media) and want to offer more with a lack of role model.

Parenting today is also more confusing because we are standing at the crossroad of an imminent new era. The Fourth Industrialisation is distinguished by automation and artificial intelligence. Many of the jobs we know of will be so obsolete when our child grows up.


What kind of skills should we nurture in our child now to prepare him for tomorrow?

At the heart of it all, parenting is about raising our child the best he/she can be in the best way we could possibly.

Wholesome Possum is dedicated to parents in Asia with children under 12 years old with an facts-based approach on education, parenting and recipes with an Asian influence.

For speaking, consultancy or collaborative initiatives relating to education, child development and nutrition, please contact me at

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