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Music Accelerates Brain Development

Many parents often ask me for music class recommendation because most young children enjoy music and moving to it.

Stimulating a child’s interest in learning a subject by singing to it is a good way to engage the child’s attention.

Music accelerates brain development.

Besides the interest trigger and relaxation benefits, music can have profound long term positive impact on brain development as well.

The University of Southern California’s Brain & Creativity Institute concluded a 5 year study on the impact of music instruction on children’s social, emotional and cognitive development with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra Association.

The results published in the journal, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, found that playing music accelerates the maturation of the brain auditory pathway, increases its neuroplasticity and raises brain efficiency.

The enhanced auditory pathway is linked to improved cognitive ability in language and reading, leading to direct positive impact on academic skills.

With the many advantages of music, it is vital that music and its learning is accessible for every child, and from as early as possible.

Hence, Trinity Kids has partnered with Harmony Road to incorporate its course into our curriculum.

The Harmony Road program from United States places an emphasis on ear training, ensemble, rhythm activities, movement and music creativity.

‘Music is a far more potent instrument than any other in education.’ – Plato

Punnily true! I hope our students shall serenade the world with their talents!

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