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Breastmilk Boosting Meal

I have not written in the nutrition and recipe section for a little while. 

During the latest round of pregnancy, I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum for the first couple of months. It killed appetite for food and I switched to assembling whatever nutrition I could tolerate as best as I could. Then I was single parenting for a couple of months while the husband was posted overseas. Cooking food for the family continued daily but it was a balance of time constraint, food tolerance and nutrition. I had to say it was a small rotation menu as you can see from my insta postings. 

It is nice to finally have complete control of my palate preference and appetite post birth. 

The Breastfeeding Diet With the first kid, I think milk took a little while to kick in. But we always had more than enough and she got really chubby. With the second, I had an oversupply, strong letdown and the baby thinned out pretty fast, ‘like a breastfed baby’ according to the paeds. Finally one paed found out our #2 simply had extremely high metabolism. The journey to manage a baby with high metabolism and promote a positive growth trend inspired my book’s chapter on weaning. Now with baby 3, I am careful to avoid galactagogue (food that promote breastmilk) in the first week as we establish our latch. Today she turns 7 days old and I’m back to rule the kitchen. 💪🏻 A simple meal tonight that happens to be milk boosting. Engorgement kicked in right away and started dripping. Luckily the baby is on her one week growth spurt. 1. Radish and Mung bean chicken soup. Must remember to add red dates and goji berry. 2. Steamed salmon with leftover chicken broth 3. Steamed multi-grain rice 4. Red date, goji berry and longan drink 5. (Milk neutral) Stir-fry Pak choy 

Happy Milking! 

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