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I am a mother of three who wants to optimise her children's potential and change the world through education.

  • I establish and manage physical schools for children from birth to teens;

  • create digital schools through writing awards-winning programs and books;

  • This page is another school of mine - my school of thoughts. Here, I write about my findings and journey in raising extraordinary kids.

Learn | Play

How a child learns and develops cognitively

Love | Parenting

Building a child's social & emotional intelligence

Eat | Move

Optimising a child's physical intelligence

Life | More

Life doesn't always fall neatly into our buckets.

August 21, 2018

The following Q&A has been compiled in August 2018, after collecting commonly asked questions from the parents of Trinity Kids Malaysia, and presenting it to a group of scientists and medical professionals* during a Q&A video session hosted by SmartCoat Malaysia.


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